I have been a regional roaster in the southwest part of Florida for the last 30 years. During that time, I have found a particular attachment to varietals from Colombia, and in particular, my tastes generally favor coffee from the Antioquia region. I have found that Colombian coffees are extremely versatile where one can roast them light, medium or dark, and find enjoyment in the different profiles, created by the different degrees of roasting. I therefore have concentrated much of my professional (and personal enjoyment) energies on acquiring coffee from that region, and have always satisfied with my purchases.

Recently, it has been my good fortune to have made the acquaintance of George Schwarzenbach, proprietor of Finca Naya. The coffee produced on this farm is exceptional. Even though George is relatively new to this industry, he brings a fresh new perspective on how coffee should be cultivated, focusing on total organic methodology , and adherence to a philosophy on quality and consistency. He is incredibly energetic when talking about the coffees produced on his farm, and is constantly searching for better ways to produce a superior cup of coffee.

Finca Naya coffee is available to the roaster, for direct import and I have been very happy with the attractive pricing. Delivered in screen 16/18, the deep green color assures the roaster of its fresh harvest character. It has a wonderfully rich aroma when being roasted, smokey sweet. We normally roast our Colombian at City Roast, but also have many customers who prefer the slightly darker tones of Full City Roast. In either case, the coffee’s pervading character is sweet, with hints of berry and honey. We find the coffee to have a wonderful medium body and it carries a slightly bright acidic tone, that is soft on the pallet, but carries a lively, lingering mouthfeel.

I highly recommend this coffee to any roaster who is looking for a perfectly well-rounded cup of coffee, truly memorable, rich in tone. George and I have developed a wonderful professional but personal relationship, where the quality of his coffee was our reason for meeting, but now, the discussion has moved to how to make this coffee more available, it is our center of discussions and focus.


Chris K.
Java Dawg Coffee, Java Dawg LLC

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