The Finca Naya estate began life as a family farm in 1983, with 80 acres of fertile land dedicated to coffee cultivation,  in the steep mountainous landscape of Colombia’s Fredonia municipality. Standing 4,593 – 6,069 feet above sea level, the western facing slope overlooks the Cauca River Valley, providing a mesmerizing backdrop for the family business until 2017. Following years of experience in complex international logistics and Latin American tourism marketing, George Schwarzenbach & Joerg Rickers had been searching for a new challenge. Soon sprouted the vision of the Finca Naya way, a self-sufficient business model dedicated to growing the highest quality gourmet organic coffee and exotic vegetables available on the international market. Through the intensive research & development of new farming techniques and improved processes, Finca Naya strives to stabilize the income and lifestyle of local coffee producers and the communities that have grown around their businesses. We want to share our knowledge with our collaborators and neighbors on the farms, with like-minded enterprises, and the end consumer who play such a vital role in the spread of ethical businesses the world over. Together, we can create something good. A model that will continually develop for the benefit of current and future generations. By nurturing the Finca Naya Estate and our small community through growing exceptional coffee and vegetables to be shared with humankind, we can do our part in making this world a more caring and conscientious place.

Quick Facts

  • Started as a Family Farm
  • Established: 1983
  • 80 Acres between 4593-6069 ft. Elevation
  • R&D area for improved farming processes and new coffee strains

Our Location