At the Finca Naya estate in Antioquia, just outside Medellin, we strive to support local coffee farmers in the development of their own distinct, high-end Arabica coffees for the gourmet market. These small farmers are often at the mercy of the fluctuating global markets, with many failing to stay afloat when times get tough. Much of this comes down to the inflexibility of the rest of the industry as they seek to maximize profit in all financial climates. Finca Naya provides a stable alternative to local producers by combining their resources with ours, to form a secure network for the production and sale of their artisan coffee. Through local partnerships and connections to established coffee roasters in the United States, Europe and Latin America, Finca Naya is able to consolidate specialty harvests and market each micro lot to roasters under one brand. We provide our farmers with a level of transparency that they will not find elsewhere and allow them to understand the international coffee trade through education and experience. Ultimately, this guarantees the farmer a higher price for their premium coffee, while allowing them to continue using time-proven methods of harvesting their coffee yields, and resulting in distinct flavor finishes.

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With each micro-lot being cultivated in one place by artisan farmers, we ensure that the purity of the crop is maintained. By eliminating the blending process, we can guarantee a full-flavored, 100% gourmet batch of coffee for the discerning coffee tippler. Diversity in flavor welcomes a range of consumer budgets, so you can match a coffee to your consumers price. While we work with the slower shade-grown technique and a more refined process of growing our plants, you will benefit from coffee beans that are richer in flavor, size, and quality. As 40 percent of our farm’s coffee production transitions to organic methods, you can say goodbye to synthetic herbicides, pesticides, phosphates, and petrochemicals.

We connect small-scale coffee artesians directly with roasters. By phasing out the traditional ‘middlemen’, co-operatives and exporters, we serve both producers and roasters by offering transparency to all involved.
By assisting in the production of better unblended coffee, we are able to support one another with the utmost integrity. Focusing on getting an attractive price for all concerned, we can secure the future of farming communities & convert it into the consistency of a pure and traceable product for gourmet coffee roasters.